The Ground Trembled… but it wasn’t an Earthquake… a moving sea of dark creatures headed in your direction from the horizon

Animals, Artwork, Beauchamp, Drawing, Illustration, Prints Available, Professional Artist

©2017 William C Beauchamp

The American Buffalo. A primary food source for indigenous peoples and source of hides utilized in manufacture of clothing and construction of the Tipi as well. Imagine if you will a herd when migrating that so affected the earth that clouds would rise to darken the sun as a Dust storm in the making. Such a monumental presence… As part of the Scorched Earth Policy… they were hunted to a point so close to extinction – it still is amazing that men with guns were so very effective in wiping them out. Without the Buffalo, there would be very little reason for the Native Americans to remain in the area. The hunting grounds were forever ruined.©2017 William C Beauchamp

It is this incredible loss that I wanted to commemorate by drawing the Buffalo Run image. It predated environmental impact studies. The prairie grasses that were their fodder are likely gone now. The fertilizer that fed the plants, buffalo dung, was also gone. It was the noticeable tip of the iceberg. ©2017 William C Beauchamp



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