Don’t skimp on the Syrup…

Arizona, Beauchamp, Photography, Professional Artist, Sonoran Desert, Tucson, AZ, Weather, William Beauchamp - Tucson AZ

©2018 WBeauchamp Tucson, AZ

Still loving pancakes. Absolutely loving pancakes. They are the best. I made pancakes for breakfast on Saturday.  They just seem to come out really well here. I don’t understand what it is ? Some combination of the barometer, the humidity, I don’t know. Must be the altitude here… seems to affect the way the pancakes turn out. Then again that’s combined with the viscosity of the batter, the surface of the pan, the exact temperature of the burner and the visual timing on their cooking. Edges losing some gloss. Bubbles popping.  So many factors. If you don’t have a good syrup though… you can make it all for nothing.  I recommend Aunt Jemima’s Buttery flavor. Sure makes a difference.


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