Change in the phase. Change of scene. Reason to be happy. Planets align and who knows what?

Arizona, Artwork, Beauchamp, Drawing, Extremes, Illustration, Line Drawings, Sonoran Desert, Sunsets, Tucson, AZ, William Beauchamp - Tucson AZ

Spent last weekend out where I could see the horizons in the Desert. It was nice for sure. Played with dogs and they played with me too. Sipped a little bourbon and listened to Coyotes. No way to describe it but a bit of magic. Good for the soul. More down and dirty video in Premiere. Shooting stills in RAW format and drawing …of course! Of course. Got to draw.



Added more images last weekend while looking at the night sky in Marana, AZ




Shot these time exposures in Marana last weekend. Using noise reduction mode that looks for static and corrects it, I shot with an exposure of 60 seconds at F 2.0 and then the noise reduction process cleaned it up. It is interesting that the earth rotation for only a minute shows trails from each of the stars and planets. We’re spinning at 22,500 mph. Listening to distant coyotes and dogs and that rotation speed doesn’t produce a clear thought wave. I’ll go bulb setting on the shots next time and go at least 160 seconds. I can go to a smaller aperture and get more critical focus. Back in New Jersey I shot at night and saw squirrels out for a bite in the dark sitting on tree limbs with little or no motion. Digital versus film – apparently my camera also sees infrared and I used to get red flowers on the Cherry tree in color despite only a bit of light pollution and starlight as the lighting source. All good fun in the experimentation. Enjoyable. But… what if I do this? Or that? – yep.



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