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Here is an updated Resumé that will give you a good idea of my past – The Advertising Work & my Illustration Work.  Awards are listed and my references will be provided on your request. I hope you find it interesting.




Beauchamp Resume 2017

Please leave me a message on the cell (520)639-3478 or send me an enquiry through this blog’s contact info. I’d be very glad to answer any questions that you may have. Thanks!!!

Arizona, Artwork, Drawing, Professional Artist

Last Thanksgiving… and “Hey”- it’s Amy

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My lifeboat is still hard ashore here in Tucson. The people here are good. Got Robert. Got Tim. Tim just drew a lady friend “Amy Flood”. We are all working on our various projects at this table. I asked Tim to hold it up and he did… be he stayed behind the very nice drawing. We can deduct that Tim stands behind each piece of work he does. Good Man. Yes indeed. I softened Tim’s work as I didn’t feel right releasing his work somewhere before he had. Added “diffuse glow” in Photoshop.

TimI was drawing last Thanksgiving in Tucson. And I drew the Drumstick that I converted into a Hot Air Balloon. The poster design has a gondola with passengers hanging from the enormous turkey leg. I really enjoyed drawing this Drumstick and if you can see the marks that I made… I remember listening to audiobooks and the Zen feeling of making marks. It felt really great. While I was isolated in my Apartment, I felt very much a piece of the Thanksgiving Holiday. I had a hunch that I was about to embark on a new journey and I was certainly correct on that. 

It is my understanding that Tim is departing the Sally for the wilds of Tucson today. I wish him the very best. He was always kind to me and we had the Artwork in common. Hopefully we’ll settle back into a situation where we can draw together again soon. Heard from some friends through the network this morning and it would be nice to talk to them again. So – It’s Saturday Morning… Happy Weekend.

PS- Just as aside, Tim has landed at Primavera and is doing alright… good!


I’m running out of drawing supplies – like 100% Cotton, Acid Free, Archival Quality Sketchbooks and I need to get in touch with one soon. I had bought myself a number of the Strathmore “Visual Journal” Drawing & Mixed Media Books. I’m still making marks with a Zebra Fountain Pen – held upside down… the nib on it’s back draws a very fine line. Caroline got me my latest when she visited last.  

Drumstick ©2017 William Beauchamp

William C Beauchamp, the Tucson Artist, is in search of freelance drawing work right now… Don’t hesitate to ask…

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These are some simple videos of my drawings and my advertising work. I hope that you enjoy them. Some took a great deal of work, while others evolved very quickly. I’d love to evolve a project with you. Call me and we can talk about it.

All artwork shown here is ©2017 William Beauchamp