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William Beauchamp ©2018 William Beauchamp
William Cauffiel Beauchamp   Self portrait using my tablet this evening  June 18, 2018
Enjoying the inherent distortion provided by the “one lens covers everything” onboard camera. Strong cross light by the sun. Pulled a gradation on the left and then added noise to make it look less fooled with. Not much of a post, I know. That’s fine.



Drawing again… Moving to finish drawings in progress… Will free up some space. Fish, birds of prey, Ravens… They are all coming –

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Many marks to make. Many drawings to do. And I will too. You betcha.
excerpt above: ©2018 William Cauffiel Beauchamp, Tucson, AZ

Mystery to me…. What kind of cataclysmic event could have been the basis of this rock being formed like this? Weird striations and How do they do that?

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I’ve been wondering about this since I took the shot about 3 years ago. Unusual. How? Wish I knew how it might have happened.

Just upgraded to Painter 2018…


©2018 Corel Corporation and William Beauchamp

After seeing the advertisements for Painter 2018, I thought I’d like to try the latest version of the Corel product. I was fortunate to have my work selected to show what a Stylus can do. The product is very nice for working to emulate all variety of media. I know that I have every color of the rainbow but somehow I still enjoy the simplicity of black and white. These images are in the Welcome Book when you open the program.

Buffalo Moon

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lunarI’d been looking through a bunch of historic photos and I decided to see what Winchester and Remington Arms Companies had for Advertising those bygone days of big game buffalo hunting. Nothing that I saw concentrated on the Buffalo. Looking at more photos showed enormous piles of buffalo skulls and deep piles of hides ready for market. There was a lot of waste for sure. These were amazing times with conflicting events. First airplane flights were being made while buffalo were still being indiscriminately harvested. America was surging forward and we all thought we’d never run out of Rubber Trees or Beaver skins or Buffalo? We’d seen photos of Buffalo herds so large that they eluded description. Run out of these things? Sure… Just like we’ll run out of clouds in the sky. It didn’t seem very likely. Ladies hats and Herons or Egrets… Surely we’d never run out of these vast natural resources. Redwood forests. moonbuffCarving homes out of the wood of a single giant. Keep the coal coming too. We’ll need to make more rails and power those trains that will bring our bounties home. Take it all and don’t put any back. Living off the land. The dust bowl. Take. Take. Take. 

There was and is a romance to hunting and fishing. The guy against the elements. Doing battle with the beast and bringing it home for dinner. Squirrels and Rabbits in West Virginia or Whitetail Deer or Black Bear. Opossum and Raccoon. We could never run out of all this stuff. Could we? Greasy luck to Whalers!


Salmon in the Northwest and Alaska. Vast stores. Canneries. Thank goodness we learned how to grow Corn and really grow it well.  Oil bubbles right up out of the ground. How could you ever run out of that? Tuna Salad Sandwiches… Don’t have to worry about them right. All kinds of different brands right there in the grocery store. Even comes in seasoned pouches now.

I guess my bubble popped when I heard that there wasn’t a square inch on the surface of our earth that hasn’t been mapped and photographed now. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. There goes the romance of getting “off the grid.” Nothing is off the grid anymore. Every trail seemingly has an end. Things are not forever. Whether we fantasize that or not.


This is also available as a Beach Towel… How ’bout that?

I will continue to dream of the good old days when Mother Earth was a Supermarket.
She still is – but the shelves need stocking again. Innocence lost…

I’d like to recommend another significant Digital Resource.


BellyUp for Blues

Awesome Blues of the Ass Kicking Variety…
I listen to it while I draw and write. I’ve discovered songs by Joe Bonamassa there, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB Chung King, Thunderhawks, old time Blues by Robert Johnson, etc. It covers the entire Blues spectrum. Absolutely the best.

It is a station worth your time and worth your donation dollars too.

The Ground Trembled… but it wasn’t an Earthquake… a moving sea of dark creatures headed in your direction from the horizon

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©2017 William C Beauchamp

The American Buffalo. A primary food source for indigenous peoples and source of hides utilized in manufacture of clothing and construction of the Tipi as well. Imagine if you will a herd when migrating that so affected the earth that clouds would rise to darken the sun as a Dust storm in the making. Such a monumental presence… As part of the Scorched Earth Policy… they were hunted to a point so close to extinction – it still is amazing that men with guns were so very effective in wiping them out. Without the Buffalo, there would be very little reason for the Native Americans to remain in the area. The hunting grounds were forever ruined.©2017 William C Beauchamp

It is this incredible loss that I wanted to commemorate by drawing the Buffalo Run image. It predated environmental impact studies. The prairie grasses that were their fodder are likely gone now. The fertilizer that fed the plants, buffalo dung, was also gone. It was the noticeable tip of the iceberg. ©2017 William C Beauchamp